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2021 Open Enrollment

When and How Do I Enroll?

Starting Nov. 11, you can log on to the Employee Benefits System.

  • Go to mycreighton.edu/#/quicklaunch, click the Employee Benefits icon, enter your NetID and BLUE password for single-sign-on access.
  • Once in the system, choose the Annual Enrollment event and get started.
  • If you'd prefer, call the Solution Center at 866.903.8216 to make your elections. They are available Monday-Friday, 7 a.m.-7 p.m. CST and Saturday 7 a.m.-5 p.m. CST.
  • Your elections must be entered and confirmed by 4:30 p.m. CST on Nov. 25. After this deadline, no changes will be accepted unless you have a qualifying event. 

Virtual Benefits and Wellness Forum 

Review the video of the Human Resources Benefits team providing an overview of important plan offerings and changes for the 2021 calendar year.

Virtual Benefits and Wellness Video

2021 Open Enrollment Guides

2021 Medical Plan Premiums

2021 medical plans - faculty and staff

Working Spouse Surcharge

This is applicable to those who are enrolling their spouse in a Creighton Medical Plan for 2021.**

Effective January 1, 2021, employees' spouses who have access to affordable health care that meets the Affordable Care Act (ACA) minimum guidelines through another employer will be subject to a $120 monthly surcharge if they choose to have their spouse remain on the Creighton medical plan.

The surcharge will be added to the premiums amounts owed upon enrollment to the Plan.

Things to consider:

All employees enrolling a spouse in the medical plan with Creighton University for 2021 must complete the process below.

If you answer yes to any of the questions below, please make sure your Spousal Affidavit is completed and submitted to the Benefits Department no later then Nov. 25. Failure to submit the form by the Nov. 25 deadline will automatically add the $120 monthly surcharge to your medical premiums for 2021. 

  1. Is your spouse currently employed? 
  2. If your spouse is employed, is he/she eligible to receive medical insurance coverage offered by his/her employer?
  3. If your spouse’s employer offers medical insurance coverage and your spouse is eligible for that coverage, is your spouse enrolled in his/her medical plan? 

How do I complete the process?

  • Starting Nov. 11, you can log on to the Employee Benefits System.
  • Go to my.creighton.edu/#/quicklaunch, click the Employee Benefits icon, enter your NetID and BLUE password for single sign-on access.
  • Once in the system, choose the Annual Enrollment event and get started.
  • Select the medical benefit icon, review the information and answer the question about your spouse and confirm your medical election.
  • Review your other elections and confirm your entire Open Enrollment opportunity to save the changes and receive your confirmation.
  • You will receive an email from the Benefits Department with instructions to complete the Spousal Affidavit and how to submit it back to the team.
  • The Benefits Department will then review your medical election and answer to the question about your spouse from the Employee Benefits System, along with verifying your Spousal Affidavit is complete.

Working Spouse Surcharge F.A.Q.'S

  1. What is the working spousal surcharge?
    1. It is a surcharge for employee’s spouses who have access to medical coverage by another employer or access to other offerings of medical insurance coverage but choose to enroll in Creighton’s medical plan. The cost is $120.00 per month or $1,440 per year
  2. How do I know if the working spouse surcharge will affect my spouse?
    1. The surcharge affects any employee’s spouse who has access to medical coverage by another employer or access to other offerings of medical insurance coverage, but instead choose to enroll in Creighton’s medical plan. This does not apply to an employee’s spouse who is not currently working or cannot receive benefits in any other way.
  3. How do I prove my spouse cannot receive benefits from their employer or doesn’t have an employer to receive benefits from? 
    1. This will be done through the completion of a questionnaire in ADP as well as a Spousal Affidavit, if applicable. If you elect to have your spouse covered by Creighton’s medical plan, you will receive an email with a link to complete the Spousal Affidavit. 
  4. If my spouse’s benefits change, will they be able to enroll in Creighton’s benefits mid-year?
    1. Yes. If your spouse has changes to their benefits during the year, you will be allowed to add your spouse to Creighton’s medical plan benefits and will begin to incur the working spousal surcharge for that designated month and each month thereafter.What can I do if my spouse’s annual enrollment has already closed for the year?
  5. What can I do if my spouse’s annual enrollment has already closed for the year?​​​​​​​
    1. If your spouse’s open enrollment period does not coincide with Creighton’s, you might be worried about changing your spouse’s coverage during Creighton’s open enrollment. However, your annual enrollment resulting in a change in coverage for your spouse could be considered a qualifying event that would allow your spouse to make a corresponding mid-year election change under his or her employer’s plan. For example, if your spouse’s open enrollment period has already passed and you waived coverage through your spouse’s employer due to your spouse’s coverage under Creighton’s plan, but you now want to drop your spouse’s coverage under Creighton’s plan during open enrollment, your spouse may be able to enroll in his or her employer’s plan mid-year due to the change in coverage under Creighton’s plan. Your spouse should contact his or her employer to ask about making this mid-year change.

      You might be asked to submit documentation of Creighton’s annual enrollment dates and the reason for the mid-year change. If so, the reason for the change in coverage would be due to a “change in coverage of spouse and/or dependent under another employer plan”. Creighton can provide this documentation if needed by your spouse’s employer. Please contact benefits@creighton.edu to request this documentation.

  6. What happens if the Working Spousal Affidavit is not completed and my spouse is on my Creighton health insurance plan?
    1. The Spousal Affidavit is required to be completed prior to receiving benefits. ​​​​​​​
  7. Do I need to complete the Working Spousal Affidavit if my spouse will not be covered by Creighton?
    1. No, the Working Spousal Affidavit is only needed if your spouse chooses to be covered by Creighton’s medical plan.​​​​​​​
  8. Where can I find the Working Spousal Affidavit form?
    1. If you elect to have your spouse covered by Creighton’s medical plan, you will receive an email with a link to complete the Spousal Affidavit. ​​​​​​​
  9. What do I do if I already completed enrollment and need to add my spouse?
    1. Please contact benefits@creighton.edu as you will need to complete a Working Spousal Affidavit.​​​​​​​
  10. What if both my spouse and I work at Creighton?
    1. The working spousal surcharge only requires working spouses who have access to medical coverage by another employer or access to other offerings of medical insurance coverage to pay the surcharge. Families with both spouses working at Creighton will be unaffected by this surcharge.​​​​​​​
  11. Do other Jesuit universities require a working spousal surcharge?
    1. ​​​​​​​Yes. Several other Jesuit universities have implemented a working spousal surcharge or are considering it for the future. ​​​​​​​ 

Summary of Benefits and Coverages

CHI Health

Creighton University has partnered with CHI Health Partners to provide additional savings for medical plan members who use CHI Heal Partners affiliated providers, hospitals, and facilities. The CHI Health Partners' network includes CHI Health providers and facilities, as well as affiliated independent providers.

The services include, but are not limited to:

  • Hospital Inpatient Surgery
  • Outpatient Surgery
  • Outpatient minor and major diagnostics (lab work, x-rays, CT/PET scans, MRIs, MRAs, nuclear medicine, outpatient scopic procedure)
  • Physicians Services
  • Specialist Visits

We will continue to partner with CHI to bring additional providers and facilities into this plan design when and where it is applicable and feasible. 

chi health

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  • Find network care options for doctors, clinics and hospitals in your area.
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  • View claims and account balances.

Stay on top of costs

  • Estimate the costs of common procedures.
  • View your copay, annual deductible and out-of-pocket expenses.

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MetLaw - Prepaid Legal

You have access to experienced attorneys for many personal legal services and unlimited advice through Hyatt Legal Plans. For $18 per month you receive fully covered legal services for you, your spouse and dependents.

Learn More About MetLaw

Employee Assistance Program

Magellan Healthcare
Each and every one of our employees face unique situations that can affect work or personal life, which is why we offer an excellent Employee Assistance Program to support our employees and their immediate families. The EAP offers confidential, solution-focused help and resources for many types of life issues and is available 24 hours a day, seven  days a week online or by phone.
Learn More About EAP

Dental Plans - Metlife

2021 Premiums and Contributions

2021 Dental Premiums and Employer contributions

Vision Plans - vsp

VSP Premiums and Contributions

2021-Vision-Premiums-and Employer Contributions

Discovery Benefits

Virtual Open Enrollment Fair
We hope you find our virtual open enrollment (OE) fair helpful and can walk away with more confidence to enroll in a flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA).
Access Virtual Open Enrollment Fair

Discovery Benefits

Life is filled with unexpected expenses. Discovery Benefits’ variety of reimbursement and savings account options let you set aside pre-tax dollars to make your health and childcare expenses more affordable.

Benefits On the Go

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 Benefits Mobile App pdf

The Discovery Benefits Card

The Discovery Benefits Card helps make it easier for you to spend the money in your health care accounts. Use your card at qualified merchants where Visa is accepted, and where merchants can process health care cards.

Discovery Benefits Card pdf

Health Savings Account (HSA)


HSA Seed Money Phase-Out F.a.q.'s

  1. The HSA seed money was a great benefit, especially for those participating in the high-deductible CCAP medical plan. Why would Creighton reduce it and then eliminate it?
    1. This seed money was an offering Creighton elected to provide employees for several years, but it no longer meets market standards. Now, our faculty and staff understand the value of high deductible health plans and new hires often prefer them. However, to ease the transition, this year Creighton will reduce the credit it provides employee’s coverage by 50% and eliminate it in 2022.
  2. I relied on the HSA seed money, what can I do to supplement this?
    1. With the phasing out of HSA seed money for those participating in the high-deductible CCAP medical plan, we strongly encourage employees to make their own contributions to their tax-free Health Savings Account to proactively budget and save for qualified medical expenses.

Life Insurance

Some life insurance is provided automatically to you at no cost; other voluntary coverage is available for you to purchase based on the needs of you and your family.

Open Enrollment is the time to review your beneficiaries to ensure you have all of your benefits that require a designation covered.

idwatchdog true identity protection

ID Watchdog is a credit monitoring and identity theft protection service. Individual and family plans are available at low monthly rates. Plans include dark web monitoring, USPS change of address registry, social network alerts, solicitation reductions, credit score tracker and much more.

Learn More About ID Watchdog

Retirement F.A.Q.'S

  1. Do these benefit changes for 2021 impact Creighton’s retirement/403(b) match?
    1. Although we are not announcing an update on the temporary suspension of the Retirement Plan employer matching contributions at this time, we are committed to restoring the retirement plan matching contributions and incorporated this objective into these benefit decisions.

2021 Open Enrollment Virtual Office Hours

Do you have questions about Open Enrollment?

Do you need help with your enrollment?

The Benefits Team is here to assist you!

We will have virtual office hours available during the open enrollment period to assist with any questions you may have. If you would like time to meet with us, please select a date and time below. A member of the benefits team will call you during your scheduled time-please be sure to include your phone number so we can contact you.

If you are not able to keep your appointment, please send an email to benefits@creighton.edu  to cancel your appointment.

Sign Up For A Virtual Office Visit