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Employment Information

Bridge of Service

The Bridge of Service procedure is intended as a guideline to assist in the consistent application of rehires or potential rehires in a benefit eligible position for vacation accruals, Tuition Remission, and Creighton University Retirement Plan policies.

Medical Malpractice

The University maintains medical professional liability insurance. Employees and students are protected against covered claims while acting within the scope of their duties as employees and students of Creighton University. Employees and students are not protected while acting in a non-medical capacity. The malpractice statement is not a contract of insurance coverage nor is it intended to provide insurance coverage. In all cases, insurance benefits, coverage and eligibility requirements, etc., are subject to the terms of the insurance policies.

Orientation Period

A 90-day orientation period applies to all new, re-hired, and transferring employees to learn and absorb their new position. It is expected that supervisors and employees will meet periodically throughout the orientation period to discuss the employee's progress.


Requests for parking permits should be made to Public Safety, located at 2204 Burt Street. Hours of operation are 24/7. A fee is charged and may be automatically deducted from your paycheck. 

Paycheck Direct Deposit and Paydays

For information regarding direct deposit and paydays, please visit the Payroll webpage. 

Professional Development Program

The Professional Development Program is sponsored by the Human Resources Department and features sessions that focus on topics designed to enhance employee work and personal skills. Sessions are normally offered during work hours and are treated as paid release time for participants in conjunction with prior supervisor approval. This important benefit is free to all Creighton employees. For more information regarding the program and to see program offerings please visit the Professional Development webpage. 

Promotions and Transfers

Employees are encouraged to explore opportunities for promotion or transfer within the University. Vacancies are published at on the Careers webpage. For more information, see the Job Posting and Transfer Policy 2.2.25.

Separation of Employment

Creighton University recognizes that personal situations may arise which require a voluntary separation of employment. Should this occur, Creighton requests that the employee provide a minimum of two, preferably three, weeks advance notice in writing. This request does not alter an employee’s at-will relationship. Failure to give proper notice may result in ineligibility for re-hire.

Employees are required to return all University property assigned to them. Any remaining vacation will be paid out to the employee on their final paycheck, if applicable. For more information regarding your benefits after leaving Creighton, please review the Leaving Creighton webpage.