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Employment Verifications

Employment Verification Service

Creighton University uses a web-based tool called The Work Number™ to provide automated, immediate employment and income verifications. This fast and secure service, widely known to lenders, banks and others, is easy to use, and is considered a best practice by many companies. Anyone who receives a paycheck from Creighton is eligible for this service.

You control the process by authorizing only those you want to have access to your information. The Work Number™ can be used anytime, anywhere and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Work Number™ service can be accessed via or by calling 800.367.2884. Depending on the transaction desired, you will be provided with instructions on next steps to take. For instance, the 800 phone number changes depending on the transaction needed.

Simple guidelines on obtaining proof of employment, proof of employment plus income, are included below and are also available at

This service is used to facilitate all requests for employment and/or income verification.

Guidelines on obtaining verification