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More than 42 million individuals in the U.S. are family caregivers. Yet few of these family caregivers identify themselves as such. Why? Because often the things that make you a caregiver just seem like natural things to do as a son, daughter, spouse, or friend. 

Failing to recognize yourself as a caregiver can also cause you to fail to recognize the demands and responsibilities being placed on you, and the impact that may be having on your health and welfare. 

To support Creighton's caring culture, we are piloting a new benefit offered to working care givers. Creighton has partnered with Home Instead Senior Care to offer a service that provides tools and resources for our staff and faculty who help care for an elderly family member.

Introducing A New Employee Benefit: 

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This one-stop resource provides:

  • Tools to help assess your caregiving situation
  • Resources and solutions to help address your caregiving challenges
  • Access to support from live experts and a 24/7 resource line
  • Tips to help you manage your work and caregiving responsibilities

Start taking advantage of this new benefit by logging into:

Help For Working Caregivers

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Username: Creighton
Password:  help2blue

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